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Accurate CPU usage measurement on Linux

There are many aspects to good system monitoring. One such aspect is getting good readings of system usage metrics, without accurate readings the quality of all system monitoring decreases. This post will discuss how to get accurate CPU usage measurements on Linux systems.   CPU usage is a value that sounds easier to read than it actually is. As CPU usage is a measurement that only makes sense over an interval of time, not at a specific point in time, there is no value that can be easily read that can be said to be the CPU usage at this very instant.   Lets take a look at what is provided for getting CPU usage data on a Linux system.   /proc/stat has a number of cpu usage counters:   monitorscout@t:~$ cat /proc/stat | grep cpu cpu  61222480 3784255 10503737 1760358944 8422994 8 111307 0 0 0 cpu0 30883662 2434170 5085687Read more..

A discussion of different monitoring techniques

Monitoring can take many forms depending on what is being monitored and what the purpose of the monitoring is. A basic website might be happy with a simple ping or HTTP check while a large application can have hundreds or thousands of metrics that need monitoring.   There are many possible ways to monitor things, some simple and some complex, this post will discuss a few different monitoring techniques, starting with:   Active monitors One of the most basic forms of monitoring is external checks for a service available over the network. This includes for example performing ping checks of a device, or HTTP checks of web servers or smtp check of mail servers. Depending on the type of monitor used different amounts of information are revealed in case of an alert. A ping monitor doesn’t reveal much more than if a device is up or down, while a TCP monitor is slightly moreRead more..

Application Monitoring Using Passive Monitors

Monitor Scout provides a number of different monitoring methods. This post will discuss passive monitors, that is, monitors that are controlled by external applications using the Monitor Scout web service API. In short, passive monitors can be used to check that applications that you have written are running as intended, that private/internal services are running ok and much more.   The idea behind passive monitors is to allow monitoring of services that fall outside what can be monitored using regular active service monitoring from our monitoring network (ping, http etc.). Passive monitors are updated using reports sent to the Monitor Scout web service API. Depending on what is reported a passive monitor is set either up or down, just like a regular active monitor.   Passive monitors come in a few different flavors which affect what type of data they can receive in reports. Boolean passive monitors take simple true/false, up/down values.Read more..

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Popular Email Protocols Catering to your Email Needs

Sending and receiving Emails forms an integral part of our day to day activities. Whether you are at your home or at workplace, dealing with emails may have turned out to be a part and parcel of your life. Whether you use Hotmail, Yahoo mail, or Gmail, there’s a lot beyond receiving email. For instance, when it comes to emails you need to concentrate on other essentials including new emails, clearing up the disparity in clear language. Email Clients vs. Webmail This subject requires a little introduction before we start explaining that what the functions of this protocol are. In today’s world we all have our email address with any of the following free email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail, aol, Verizon etc. and this kind of email is considered as webmail. But at work places we are restricted to use webmail, rather we use Microsoft Outlook, Windows liveRead more..

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Benefits of SMTP and How Does it Work

When you are into an online business, you simply cannot afford to waste a single minute. But no matter how hard you try, email interruptions and failures are likely to take place. If the problem lingers for long, then they can drive you nuts. So, it’s better to look into the matter, implement SMTP monitoring and resolve the problem at the earliest. However, before you move ahead with the monitoring job, you should first know what a SMTP server is, how it works and what its corresponding benefits are. The SMTP Server When you send any mail, it is the email client which interacts with the SMTP server to manage the sending. The SMTP server may also have to communicate with other similar servers for delivering the e-mail. Let’s consider that Jack wants to send an email. His mail id is jack123, and he has an account in monitor scout.Read more..

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