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Benefits of Apache server monitoring

Since 1995 Apache web server is contributing notable services in the expansion of World Wide Web through its continuous endeavour in updating software and multifunctional support system.

The secrets behind Apache web server’s success

Open source software: The first advantage of an open source software is its continuous development. It helps all the programmers across the globe to edit and make it suitable for the need of the company. So the tertiary benefit will be visible on both ends – dynamicity of the software and the real time server monitoring.

Minimal cost in contrast to the high end performance: Being open source software, anybody can download Apache web server for free from anywhere.  Hence it is a boon the SMEs or small enterprises around the world. Comparing with Apache web server, Windows web server 2008 will cost huge (starting from 470 dollars to ranging up to 1000 dollars).

Multi lingual web program: Apache  web server has integrated with multiple web programming languages ; like Perl, PHP, Python. These easy to learn languages delivers useful and reliable online applications. For the security of the websites it includes protocols like “SSL” and “TLS”. These protocols are used for encryption of data and securing the privacy of the organization.

Why Apache server monitoring

For any desirable performance regular monitoring is the key factor.  It is based on the server’s uninterrupted and flawless function. Discrepancy in monitoring will directly hit revenue graph of the company as far as online presence or business is concerned.

So the solution is Apache server monitor software.

This software not only gives updates how the server is working but also works into more complicated areas.

  • At the first place it looks on the performance of the server and generates instant report in regular intervals; including up-time, downtime, causes and resolution. An immediate notification will be sent via Email or SMSs. The immediate alert can help the system administrator to act immediately.
  • The monitoring software is enabled to track the correct logging and operations of the server. It records all web transactions which are occurring on the server in order to understand how server is operating.
  • The Apache server monitoring tools not only performs external monitoring of the server i.e. the availability of the website  from different locations, the response time of  web sites during browsing, reason of slow down of website or server , etc but internal transaction monitoring too. It calculates, average database response time, application server response time, web server response time, etc.
  • The application also monitors the status of other websites on the server. It also calculates the errors that are occurred during server operation.
  •  Being an open source, various users are operating the system. As soon as the server monitoring software detects any problem, the web-programmers and developers take necessary measures to fix the problem creating technical patches and bugs. With this community support apache software always get moderated and updated.
  • Benefits of  Apache server monitoring software :We have already discussed why this monitoring software and Apache server is a need in World Wide Web. Let us summarize it :
    • It provides end-to-end server monitoring and satisfies user experience.
    • It notifies owner about the health of the server via SMS or email before it collapses.
    • Analyze different sectors on the performance of the server (internal and external) with respect to the availability, response time , error occurrence and its resolution.

    Hence, after all these effort to draw attention to the advantages and uniqueness of Apache server and its monitoring software just to make you aware about it’s ready to serve feature. It is time to think and rethink, if you are serious about your web presence and future of your business.