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Website Monitoring – boost up revenue for online business

website monitoring

For the proper web presence of a company, the availability of the web site, 24/7 is important. The better visibility of the web site is directly proportional to the revenue curve of the company. Most of the online business often ignored to monitor their website on regular basis. There can be various issues occur with the website, like heavy load on server due to uncontrolled traffic, coding problem, unwanted or planned downtime, etc. Without taking corrective measures the company will face lose of potential customer base or churn out of loyal customers. Hence website monitoring is the need of every company who is having a presence in World Wide Web.


One liner about website monitoring:

Website monitoring is an end to end solution to protect website from malicious attacks, keep web pages active, and reduce downtime. So the visitors can access the website round the clock from any part of the world.


Why revenue of an online company depends on web monitoring?

For better understanding of relationship between website monitoring and company’s revenue generation, let us look into few aspects closely.


Uptime and down time detection:

The reason behind a company owning a website is to serve his customers or visitors at any time of the day and from any part the world. For that website needs to be always up at the time of surfing. On the other hand downtime for a website is also a common phenomenon. It occurs due to hosting problem or may be some issues happen with server. Website monitoring software checks every pattern of uptime and downtime. In order to doing this it gives resolution to the downtime problems to avoid it in future.


Handling Hosting problems:

Today most of the websites are hosted on the shared servers. The hosting server may be suffering from sudden overload of bandwidth or may be slow due to a up gradation or may have some application related issues; so whatever the reason is, it is your website which is going to be suffered. So if you have a service website monitoring software; it will immediately alert you via SMS or Email and you can fix it immediately before your audience get to know.


Retention of customer:

A healthy website always produces good business in order to retain old customers and thus ensures return visit. A web site monitoring software always keeps eye on downtime or other related issues to notify the owner in time which resolves the issue before a customer face it.


Building positive image:

Your website may have wonderful products or you may be offering competitive service in the market but all will be in vain if no one can access your website or if it has a high page loading time. These incidents might put you on the back foot. So if you rely on website monitoring it will certainly eradicate the root causes or keep you aware about the discrepancies like downtime, error message, malfunctioning etc.


Search engine ranking:

Slow loading time of a website is one of the key factors to get negative ranking in Google search. Website monitoring software helps to get rid of the problems like high page loading time, broken url by sending alerts in time Therefore it has great importance in on page optimization.


Website monitoring has many benefits for online business to boost up its revenue. Regular monitoring the internal state of your website will not only take care of your downtime issues but also the cause of it. So It always will be wise to take prevention in order to stay healthy.