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Fuel up your Online Business by 24 x7 Website Monitoring

website monitoring

World Wide Web is ubiquitous in present day business scenario. With time it is getting more essential and critical. So a company having a website is not a big thing. It is not out-of-the world, that the website is offering superior service to the customers. In this highly competitive arena every company is confronting head to head, thus offering the best offer they can provide to their target market. So the basic foundation of this business is proper monitoring round the clock without interrupt. Therefore the proposition is to avail a good website monitoring technology for brand presence of your company in the market.


What is Website Monitoring?

Before get into in-depth discussion of the topic, let’s give a birds view on it. It is a method applied for the routine checkup of your website using 50 different checks with top internet protocol such as http monitor; ping monitor; ftp monitors etc. some software tools. Website monitoring generates comprehensive monitoring report of the uptime and downtime status of your site and notifies the owner if something goes wrong.


The key Components of Website Monitoring:

The versatile monitoring system works on two basic broad sections; website and server. Keeping total watch on these spheres will ensure the overall performance measure of a website.


Monitoring Website:

If the preamble of online business is website then it has to be considered with great care and importance. Thus website monitoring software plays its vital role here. It gathers data on uptime and downtime of the website, response time, high loading time and other related issues. After that, measuring criticalities, it sent messages or alert via SMS or Email to the owner. Thus having reports of the performance of the website, the company records the data for future business plan. At the same time if any anomaly get detected it will be rectified with immediate effect.


Monitoring of Website and its impact on Business:


  • Unavailability of website during Downtime (planned or unplanned) is common and at the same time it creates dissatisfaction among the customers. Therefore this dissatisfaction leads to change the customers mind from your website to other available websites. The website monitoring software analyzes the root cause of the downtime and makes your webmaster aware about the cause or need for the planned downtime. Thus it helps to retain your customers from probable change of their mind from you.


  • On the other hand if it is unplanned downtime, it will alert in the same fashion, where your IT team can respond fast to handle the situation. It can occur due to malicious virus attack on the web site, broken URLs or codes, error in program, server faults etc. Whatever the cause may be it will malign the brand name and mar the future prospect of your organization. Therefore round the clock website monitoring is the answer to the problem.


Monitoring Server:

Monitoring a website, separated from server monitor, it is something like examining a lifeless body. Websites are hosted on a server. Thereby, the health and functionality of a server directly affects on the availability of websites. Slow loading of website, delays in response are mostly occurred due to malfunctioning of a server. Therefore monitoring software not only keeps surveillance on website but on the host server too. It tracks performance of CPU, RAM, HDD, NICs, etc the core hardware portion of the server.


How Monitor scout is the only solution?

Monitor Scout provides cutting edge website monitoring solutions to its clients with 15 years of experience in IT field. Website monitoring solutions will provide you an overall performance tracking related to website, server and applications. Our dedicated monitors are located at twenty different locations around the world. Thus the report on server health or website’s performance is generated after multiple checks. Therefore your business review will be more accurate and cost effective.


How can 24/7 Website Monitoring fuel up your business?


  • By knowing your IT infrastructure you can have a clear statistics on the website. A website monitoring solutions will let you know the comprehensive analysis report along with uptime or downtime performance of the website. Thereby you can spend money or take necessary step on the specific area not on the whole system.


  • A complete Website Monitoring system though works on critical field but generates user-friendly report. This Detailed report will help you to understand the service level of your business.


  • An online survey unfolded a fact that 41% of IT budget is used for employees, 22% on third party vendor and the rest for software and hardware up gradation. So a superior monitoring system will let you know when and where you need to spend money.


  • An efficient website monitoring software first detects where the problem is rather than trying to find out what the problem is. Knowing the area of concern will not only quick- fix the problem but up hold the promised service level. Hence it adds great value to the business.